• Intractable Limb Edema

    Patient: Male, 40 years old Intractable limb edema After suffering lower left limb trauma. His foot and ankle developed intractable edema and he was unable to wear shoes for two years.

  • Diabetic Foot

    Patient: Male, 69 years old Diabetic Foot He had a history of diabetes mellitus for 13 years and with an ulcer area of 82 mm² in the right toe, tcPO² 18.5 mmHg and a creatinine level of 54 mg/dl.

  • Varicosity

    Patient: Female, 65 years old Varicosity Varicose veins of lower limbs caused by deep venous dysfunction of both lower limbs for 13 years.

  • Peripheral Atherosclerotic Obliterans Disease

    Patient: Male, 68 years old Peripheral Atherosclerotic Obliterans Disease With a history of 13 years peripheral atherosclerotic obliterans with severe intermittent claudication of the lower left limb with local cold, numbness and re

  • Lymphedema of Upper Limb After Breast Cancer Surgery

    Patient: Female, 40 years old Lymphedema of upper limb after breast cancer surgery 5 years after breast cancer surgery, the upper left limb from wrist striation to the shoulder was significantly more swollen than the contralateral...

  • Lower Extremities Arteries Insufficiency

    Patient: Male, 69 years old Lower extremities arteries insufficiency The patient’s lower limbs were cold and numb especially when walking, the feet felt stiff and painful when making contact with the ground.

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