LBTK 100 Series

What is the Foot Pad for A-V Foot Pump?

A-V Foot Pump Foot Pad rigid sole foot covers feature a unique rigid sole, helping to contain and direct the impulse to the bottom of the foot. This helps closely mimic the hemodynamic process that occurs when ambulating.

What are they used for?

Rapidly inflating the Foot Pad in less than 0.2 seconds produces a high velocity surge of venous blood flow, improving venous return and arterial blood flow in the extremities. It is to be used by the patients in both the home and institutional settings as a non-invasive therapeutic method to prevent deep vein thrombosis, reduce wound healing time, treat and assist healing of venous leg ulcers, and reduce edema caused by venous insufficiency in the lower extremities. 


1. Large inflation bladder 

The extended distance between the heel and metatarsal head ensures flattening and stretching of the entire plantar venous plexus. This action is essential to completely empty the plexus of blood. 

2. Rigid sole 

The rigid sole designed to contain and direct the impulse directly to the bottom of the foot.


3. Cushioned foot cover 

The latex-free foot cover is cushioned throughout and covers maximum foot surface area to distribute pressure evenly over the foot and minimize trauma to untreated areas. 

4. Dorsum wrap 

The dorsum wrap provides additional pressure to the medial aspect of the plexus to encourage maximum evacuation of blood and cushion bony areas at the top of the foot to provide additional patient comfort. 

5. Non-sterile, 100% latex free 


1. For single patients use only

2. Check skin allergy, and use additional pad according to clinical diagnosis.

Foot Pad’s directs the impulse against the sole of the foot.(图1)

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