What is A-V Foot Pump?

The A-V Foot Pump is a device designed to improve venous return and arterial flow with intermittent, pneumatic impulse compression on the upper and lower extremity. The A-V Foot Pump belongs to the group of IPC devices. However, it has the unusual feature of intermittent, pulsed compression. This means that the pressure is applied to the venous plexus via a foot or hand pad within a period of no more than 0.2 seconds. It is equally suitable for specialist staff in hospitals as well as for application at home, with the patient or his relatives using the system themselves. 

How does the A-V Foot Pump work?

Nature has provided us with a very powerful venous pump located in the sole of our foot to assist returning blood to your heart called the plantar venous plexus. Each time your foot hits the ground, the plantar venous plexus is flattened, stretched, and squeezed. This pumps blood back up to your heart. The A-V Foot Pump mimics the action of walking by inflating a small balloon that presses on the bottom of your foot. The pressure from the inflated balloon activates the plantar venous plexus and sends blood back up to your heart.  Also a similar mechanism is operated through hand clenching. This increased circulation is important for people who spend considerable amount of time in bed or sitting upright because blood can pool in the bottom of the feet.



Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) & Blood Clots prevention
Prevent Diabetic Foot, Peripheral vascular and Arterial diseases
Fast arterial, venous, chronic wound and ulcers healing
Reduces swelling & Post trauma/operative pain & sports injury  
Reduces acute & chronic oedema

Reduces Lymphedema


• Automatic pressure adjustment assures delivery of the pre-set operating parameters regardless of any changes in patient position.
• Low and high pressure alarms indicate if operating pressures vary from the desired therapeutic range.
• Operating parameters can be customized to meet individual patient requirements.
• Easy-to-read pressure display provides constant confirmation of appropriate therapy.
• Compact design and integrated bed mount.


• Earlier surgery
• Earlier discharge
• Less swellings and compartment syndromes
• Faster and more permanent healing of treatment-resistant ulcers
• Clear improvement of arterial blood supply
• Highly effective in the treatment of DVT
• No side effect risk
• Clinically proven results


The A-V Foot Pump is contraindicated for patients with conditions where an increase of fluid to the heart may be detrimental. 


Patients with congestive heart failure
Patients with pre-existing deep vein thrombosis, or pulmonary embolism
Patients with thrombophlebitis

The device should be used with caution on the infected or insensitive extremity

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