Diabetic Foot

Diabetic foot is a series of disease of limb ischemia and neuropathy in the lower limbs of diabetic patients after 5-7 years of illness. The initial manifestations of the disease are often numbness, limb cooling and other atypical symptoms. When the disease further develops, Gradually, there were tingling, burning, crawling sensation of ants, or decreased sensation. Further development is intermittent claudication, resting pain, weakened or disappeared dorsal artery pulsation, ulceration, amputation, and even death due to sepsis.

Diabetic foot ulcer is easy to be ignored in the early stage and becomes difficult to treat when the ulcer occurs.

An important reason for the formation of diabetic foot is atherosclerosis of the lower limbs, which leads to vascular stenosis and limb ischemia. However, the severity of vascular stenosis often surpasses the self-perception of symptoms, that is, the pathological changes have reached the middle stage, and the symptoms just appeared. So, it is easy to be ignored in the early stage, when the ulcer occurs, it will be very difficult to treat.

How to treat the diabetic foot?

The A-V foot pump effectively treat and improve the symptoms of diabetic foot. Generally, the average arterial blood flow velocity and blood flow can be increased by 50-110% by using the A-V foot pump after 30 minutes. Therefore, the skin temperature of most patients will rise after one hour. Patients will feel warm and relaxed and the plantar hardness feeling will be relieved.  Keep using more than 4 months can help the ischemic limb establish collateral circulation. A large number of cases have proved that the symptoms of cold, numbness and pain of patients can basically disappear and the walking distance can be extended if long-term use. 

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